Newsletter Update and ALERT for users getting “Daily Digest” E-Mails

Hi everyone, so, the email newsletter transformation has been completed. I’m really excited with this upgrade and I hope you are as well.  Everyone should have received the new newsletter starting today (Tuesday) at around 9:00 am.  PLEASE let me know what you think about the change or if you have any suggestions.

Almost everyone who is a subscriber has been switched over without incident. If you are reading this on the website and you did not get todays e-mail, it is entirely possible that your email address got lost in the transition. I think I only lost one e-mail address but obviously I have no idea who that was so I’m really sorry about that…. If you need to re-subscribe, you can use this link:

Now, I was able to unsubscribe almost everyone from the old list, however there is a very small portion of people receiving what is called the “Daily Digest” – it actually says “Daily Digest” in the e-mail topic. Because of the way the “Daily Digest” is set up I am not able to remove users from it, users must unsubscribe themselves… This means those individuals will get two emails, the “Daily Digest” and the new email newsletter. If you are getting the daily digest, please click on the “manage my subscription” link at the bottom of any of the “Daily Digest” emails and you will be able to unsubscribe. Simply hover your mouse over the website name and the word “unfollow” will appear, click on that. Sorry for that inconvenience but it is outside of my control.

Again, I really appreciate everyones patience, I’m very excited about the change. The website has continued to grow and develop and I hope you are all getting a lot of use out of it. Please, as always, contact me if you have suggestions, comments, etc. I *LOVE* to hear from you!


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