E-Filing FAQ – After eFiling, do I need to send follow-up copy to Miami-Dade County Clerks Office?

On the Portal and in the confirmation emails, you may see this message:

Please remember, rule 2.525, Rules of Judicial Administration, requires that any document filed electronically must be followed-up and filed with the Clerk as a paper document, with original signatures, during the first 90 days of eFiling. Some counties have completed the 90-day paper document follow-up period and other counties have received exemption from this rule. Please verify with the filing county as to their current paper document follow-up requirements.

Please note that Miami-Dade County is well outside of the first 90 days of eFiling. This 90 days refers to the CLERKS time of eFiling – not YOUR time of eFiling.

Please see the following FAQ from Miami-Dade’s Website:

After I file with the eFiling Portal; do I need to provide a copy to the Clerks office?

No; as of June 16, 2011 follow-up copies are not required to be filed with the Miami-Dade Clerk’s Office for Civil Division cases (Family, Circuit Civil, County Civil, Juvenile Dependency, or Probate).

You can see the Miami-Dade eFiling FAQs by CLICKING HERE

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