FAQ: How does Broward County handle Summons with eFiling?

How do I submit documents to be issued in Broward County?

Summons, writs, subpoenas and other documents that are issued by the clerk should be eFiled. Choose the appropriate document type from  the dropdown list.  All document types to be issued will be preceded by an “e”, such as “eSummons” or “eWrit”.  Appropriate issuance fees  will be automatically calculated.  The clerk will electronically affix the required stamps, seals and signatures.  The electronically issued  documents will be returned to the filer via email notification.

It is the filers responsibility to supply copies, as required for service, to their process server of choice.  No service fees will  be collected via the portal at this time.  No issued documents will be forwarded to the sheriff or other process servers.


  • Sandra Baker

    I e-filed a new circuit civil case along with an eSummons to be issued on April 3, 2013 and still have not received the issued Summons back from the Clerk. Is anyone else experiencing such a delay?

  • lmcfrp

    That seems a little excessive but I’ve been getting really long delays even with regular filings… 10+ days to get back a confirmation on a notice of filing….

  • MV

    My e-filing has been accepted. I received the email stating that it was accepted but I never received a copy of the summons issued. How do I get those? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • lmcfrp

    Hi there, Broward recently provided this eissuance guide which deals specifically with getting your summons issued and returned to you, https://miamifrp.com/efiling-broward-county-eissuance-guide/

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