What’s the difference between Evernote and OneNote?

Evernote and OneNote are both popular note-taking applications that allow you to capture, organize, and store information. Here are a few key differences between the two:


  1. User Interface: OneNote has a more structured and visually appealing user interface with a ribbon menu and a hierarchical notebook structure. Evernote’s interface is simpler and more streamlined with a more linear notebook structure.
  2. Platform availability: OneNote is available for free on all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. In contrast, while Evernote is available on most platforms, some of its features are only available on the paid version. Also, Evernote’s free version has a monthly usage limit.
  3. Organization: OneNote uses a hierarchical notebook structure with tabs and pages, which makes it easy to organize your notes into different categories. Evernote uses a simpler notebook and note structure, which can make it easier to navigate if you don’t need a lot of organization.
  4. Integration: OneNote is tightly integrated with other Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and Outlook, making it easy to transfer data between those applications. Evernote has a large number of third-party integrations but is not as integrated with Microsoft Office.
  5. Pricing: OneNote is free, while Evernote has both free and paid versions. The free version of Evernote has some limitations, such as a monthly usage limit and fewer features, while the paid version offers more features and higher usage limits.


Ultimately, the choice between OneNote and Evernote depends on your individual needs and preferences. OneNote may be a better fit for users who are already using other Microsoft Office applications and want to keep their note-taking within that ecosystem. Evernote may be a better choice for users who want a simpler interface and more third-party integrations.


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