What would YOU like to see here? Help me help you!

I know that many of my subscribers don’t know me personally, so I wanted to take a minute just to share a little bit about this website and ask for YOUR feedback on what YOU find valuable and what YOU could use more of.

Hi, I’m Linda and I’m a paralegal ;). I’ve been a paralegal in South Florida for close to 20 years – I am still, to this day, a full time working paralegal. In addition to being a paralegal, I own a company called Perfectly Paralegal Consulting which provides practical and hands on continuing education for paralegals. I also organize and host the annual Paralegal Cruise and various other events throughout the year. This blog is my passion – it is a resource for other paralegals in Florida and beyond. It really is YOUR blog.

I run the blog myself, source most of the material myself, program the site, etc. I try to post information that I, as a working paralegal, would find useful. I don’t always see the information that might be helpful and that is where I rely on YOU to share information that you think would be valuable to others. I love when paralegals share information with me that they found useful so I can share (with credit to the person who sent it to me) with my readers. That information can be tips and tricks, a free CLE, a useful article, a rule or law update, etc… Want to write an article? That works too!!

Please share with me what YOU would like to see more of, how can I continue to help YOU do your job more efficiently. How can I continue to help YOU be the perfect paralegal — YES, I know no one is perfect, but that can be our little secret.

Please comment below or email me at lmcfrp@gmail.com and let me know what kind of information you would like to see more of, or give me ANY feedback you would like to give. This blog is for all of us!

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  • Sylvia Borges

    I would love to see more litigation CLEs such as research, drafting discovery requests and responses, citations, privilege logs, trial exhibits, etc. I have been in litigation for close to 30 years and still come upon some things that I have not had to perform in my various jobs.

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