What is something unique you can do with Microsoft OneNote?

One unique thing you can do with Microsoft OneNote is create interactive notes that allow you to embed videos, audio files, and other multimedia content directly into your notes. You can also create hyperlinks within your notes that allow you to navigate to other pages or even to other parts of the same page.


Another unique feature of OneNote is that it allows you to create handwritten notes using a digital pen or your finger if you have a touchscreen device. OneNote can then convert your handwriting to text, making it searchable and easier to read. You can also use the pen to draw diagrams or sketches, which can be particularly useful for brainstorming or visual note-taking.


OneNote also allows you to share your notes with others and collaborate in real-time. You can give others permission to view or edit your notes, and you can even work on the same note at the same time.


Finally, OneNote allows you to integrate with other Microsoft Office applications, such as Word, Excel, and Outlook. For example, you can create a to-do list in OneNote and then transfer it to Outlook to track your progress, or you can embed an Excel spreadsheet in a OneNote page for easy reference. This integration with other Office applications makes OneNote a powerful tool for organizing and managing information across multiple platforms.


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