What does your e-mail address say about you?

Have you ever googled your e-mail address? If not, do it now! If you are in the job market, it is very important to know what employers will find when they google you. I’ve come across some really wild information about people through simple google searches of the e-mail address or telephone number on their resume.  If you have been using your e-mail address to post on forums or discussion groups, employers may get key insight into personal issues you’d rather they not know about. Did you have financial problems and seek advice on mortgage foreclosure? Did you post about your experiences meeting with your good friend “Bill W.”? Did you advertise your side job as an exotic dancer? Did you trash your prior employer in a chat group?  Did you seek advice on your gambling addiction? Did you post a prior resume that doesn’t quite match up with the current one? All of these things have happened. If your e-mail address is tied to information you don’t want your employer to necessarily have to consider before you even put a foot through their door, you should seriously consider setting up a clean e-mail address through gmail for resume purposes.

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