Summation iBlaze Tips: Loading Transcripts

Do you know how to load a transcript into Summation? You have three options:

1. Click on Case Explorer to activate that panel, then click on “File” and “Load Transcript”

2. Right click on “Transcripts” in the Case Explorer, choose “Transcripts Utilities” and then “Load New Transcripts Item into Folder”

3. You can also drag and drop your transcript. Minimize the Summation window so you can see the file. Drag the transcript file into the Case Explorer window and drop it into the transcript section.

Any of these options will bring you to the “Load Transcript” page where you can browse and locate your transcript.

When you are adding your transcript, you have the option under Description to use the existing filename or “ask me” which will allow you to change the description. The description is important because later you can use it to sort the transcripts, etc. So you may want to consider a “last name, first name” type of format. No matter what format you use, keep it uniform for ease of organization later.

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