State by State Guide to Fees for Medical Record Copies

This isn’t an all inclusive list by any means and fair warning, there isn’t a date reflecting when it was most recently updated… but this is a very handy state by state guide reflecting the allowable charges for medical records and certainly can provide you with a starting point as it includes the statute or code etc that the information came from


Florida Statutes 395.3025

Regarding records from hospitals:

  • Exclusive charge for copies may include sales tax and actual postage
  • Non-paper records not to exceed $2.00 per page
  • Paper records not to exceed $1.00 per page
  • An additional $1.00 may be charged for each year of records requested

Florida Statutes 395.301, Itemized Patient Bill

  • The facility may not charge the patient for making such verification records available; however, the facility may charge its usual fee for providing copies of records as specified in s. 395.3025.

Rule 64B8-10.003, Florida Administrative Code

Regarding records from physicians:

  • No more than $1.00 per page for the first 25 pages of written material
  • $.25 for each additional page
  • Actual cost of reproducing nonwritten records such as x-rays
  • “Recognizing that patient access to medical records is important and necessary to assure continuity of patient care, the Board of Medicine urges physicians to provide their patients a copy of their medical records, upon request, without cost, especially when the patient is economically disadvantaged.”

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