Searchable data showing payments between doctors and pharmaceutical companies

This website shows payments between doctors and pharmaceutical companies… I’m not sure what the evidence value is but…. could be interesting to see if a doctor in a case is taking any kind of perks or payments from a pharma? You can also search by pharmaceutical company to see who they are making payments to​.

About Open Payments Data

Sometimes, doctors and hospitals have financial relationships with health care manufacturing companies. Open Payments is the federally run transparency program that collects information about these financial relationships and makes it available to you. These relationships can involve money for research activities, gifts, speaking fees, meals, or travel. One of the ways we provide this data to the public is through this search tool, which allows you to search for a doctor, teaching hospital, or company that has made payments. Exploring this information, and discussing the results you find with your healthcare provider, can help you make more informed healthcare decisions.

More information about the program can be found on the Open Payments website. There you can get an overview of the data that’s been collected and displayed and learn more about the context around the data. Read the Open Payments data dictionary for more details. For questions about the data, contact the Open Payments team at

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  • Elizabeth Reiher

    Pretty cool site. I checked it out and was putting in some doctors I am familiar with just to see what comes up. After I saw one doctor with a lot in payments I did a google search to cross-reference to make sure it was the same doctor I thought it was and in that search came up another site that tracks these numbers. They found even more money he had received from companies. It seems he has a patent on a bone screw of some sort (lucky him!). So put this in your toolbox as well: It’s called Dollars for Docs and it is a project from ProPublica.

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