Rule 2.516 Service by E-Mail / E-Service – New Amendments from Supreme Court

On April 4, 2013 the Supreme Court adopted some amendments to Rule 2.516, commonly called service by e-mail or e-service.

Included in the changes:

  • Parties can stipulate to methods of service other than e-mail
  • Attorneys do not need to file a separate document to designate e-mail address.
  • Service by e-mail is complete on the date it is sent.
  • If a document is served by more than one method of service, the computation of time for any response to the served document shall be based on the method that provides the shortest response time.

You can read the full order including amendments by clicking here -> sc13-73.

P.S. the one rule that the court did not accept was changing the word “e-mail” to “email”. So, the proper use would be “e-mail” with the hyphen.




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