Reporting Credits to NALA for Certified Paralegals & Advanced Certified Paralegals

If you are a NALA CP or ACP, here are the instructions to report your CLE credit to NALA. This information is provided as a courtesy only, it is your responsibility to report your CLE credits and this information may change at any time.

First, login to your NALA account, visit the Member Portal and login. You can also create an account if necessary, or reset your password.

You will need your login information, if you don’t have it, you can request it at the above link.

Once you login, the NALA homepage will be displayed. Click on your name towards the top or “My Account” in the Quick Links section of the left side.

This will take your account overview page. Click on the Account tab at the top and then click on Education Credits in the left hand column.

Once you are on the Education Credits section, you can now review a list of CLE that you have already submitted. You can also click on Download Transcript to download a nice PDF spreadsheet of all of your credits.

To add a new credit, simply click on the green button that says Add New Education Credit. A screen will pop up which asks you for additional information.

In the Education Credit Type field, click the drop down arrow and select the appropriate
credit type: Legal Ethics, Non-Substantive, or Substantive.

In the Description field, enter the name and the description of the course. Enter enough information so that it is clear as to what the course covered.

In the Number of Credits Earned field, enter the total number of hours you are
reporting for this course – remember, you have to report Legal Ethics, Non-Substantive and Substantive credits separately, so, remember to enter the correct number in this box. You may need to do more than one entry for the same event if it is approved for different types of credits.

In the Credit Earned On field, enter the date the credit was earned. You can type it in or
click on the blue calendar icon to select it.

Leave the Reference field blank.

Click Save.  You should then see the Add New Education Credit window confirming your posting.

From there, you can click Close to be returned to the Account tab or click Go To Education Credit Profile to see the credit you just entered.

Remember, it is your responsibility to maintain proof of credits earned, such as attendance certificates etc. NALA may choose to randomly audit members to validate their CLE credits and you may need to provide backup upon request. I suggest scanning these documents and storing them in a folder on your computer or better yet, in a safe backup source such as Dropbox where you can easily access them years later if needed.