Reporting Credits to Florida Bar for FRP

If you are a Florida Bar Registered Paralegal (FRP), here are the instructions to report your CLE credit to The Florida Bar. This information is provided as a courtesy only, it is your responsibility to report your CLE credits and this information may change at any time.

Go to and click Log In

Log In to your profile and you will be taken to your profile page.

Look for the green button on the right hand side that says “I have credits to Post”

Choose your Course Provider. This is the entity that approved the credit that you have earned. Perfectly Paralegal credits are approved by NALA, so choose National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) and click SUBMIT.

Complete the CLE Post Credit form by entering:

Course Title: (it may be cut off because you can only enter a limited amount of characters)

Date of Course Completion: (the date you took the class)

Type of Credits: Please note that you need to enter ALL of the credits awarded under general no matter the type, and then ALSO add the ethics credits separately.

For example, if the class you took says: 4 CLE credit including 2 substantive, 1 non-substantive and 1.0 ethics CLE credit. You would enter 4.0 under General and 1.0 under ethics. So you would receive overall credit for 4.0 CLE plus 1.0 of those CLE would also be counted towards ethics.

Once you hit submit, you will be taken to a confirmation page where you can choose to Post Another Course or View CLE Status to see a summary of your credit history.