Reminder: LPR Subscription Options

Hi everyone, I just wanted to remind everyone that you have two subscription options for this website. One is the “daily update” and one is the “daily update – job free edition”… The “daily update” contains ALL posts including job openings – I know that many people who use this website are not looking for new jobs, but you may want to see job openings anyway for a number of reasons – maybe you are just curious about what is going on in the market, or maybe you have friends or family members who are looking and you want to keep an eye out for jobs you can forward to them…

However, if you prefer not to receive job openings, you can subscribe to the “daily update – job free edition” — this will allow you to get all of the other information such as law/rule changes, CLE opportunities, etc. without getting the job openings.  Also, if you feel like you want to cut down on the amount of e-mails you receive, the “daily update – job free edition” is a good option because you won’t receive an e-mail on days when there are only job postings.

If you aren’t currently subscribed, you can CLICK HERE to sign up. If you are subscribed and want to switch between the “daily update” or the “daily update – job free edition”, you can go to the bottom of your daily e-mail and click on “update subscription preferences” and chance your option.

As always, if there is anything I can do to enhance your experience with the site, please don’t hesitate to let me know. This site is for all of us to use – I use it myself as a resource almost on a daily basis – and I want to offer you the best experience possible.

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