Reminder: On 11/14/13 the Florida Supreme Court Amended Rules re: e-Service and e-Filing SC13-1915

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On November 14, 2013 Florida Supreme Court amended the Rules of Judicial Administration regarding electronic service and filing.

You can read SC13-1915 – the Opinion and Amendments by clicking here.

The changes are summarized as follows (this summary of the rules is provided for your convenience and should not replace your own reading and understanding of the Opinion and the Amendments which can be accessed by clicking here):

1. Using the e-portal system for service is an acceptable means of service. Rule 2.516(b)(1)

2. If a document is served using the e-portal, service is complete on the date the document is filed. Rule 2.516(b)(1)(D)(i)

3. Service by e-mail and service through the e-portal is still considered service by mail for the computation of time. Rule 2.516(b)(1)(D)(iii)

4. An attorney’s signature on a pleading constitutes a certificate that the document contains no confidential or sensitive information, or that such information has been properly protected. Rule 2.515(a)(4)

5. Only the electronic filing credentials of an attorney who has signed a document may be used to file that document electronically. Rule 2.525(b)

6. Even though electronically served, the certificate of service must also include the mailing address of recipients. Rule 2.516(f)

7. Every signing attorney is as responsible for the document as if that document had been served or filed by such signing attorney. Rule 2.515(c)(2)(D)

Trial Binder CLEContract Essentials CLELegal Education Cruise

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