Reminder: 10/24/14 Changes to Florida e-Filing Portal & FREE Training Video

There are lots of exciting changes coming to the Florida e-Filing Portal to hopefully make our lives a little easier… The upgrade will be done on October 24 , 2014 after business hours….

You can read the entire article from the Florida Bar HERE and I’ve summarized some of the changes below…

You can also see a Clerks YouTube Training Video to see the new changes by clicking HERE

A major change is helping users find the document they need to file easier, instead of having to search through categories and sub categories, you can now start typing the name and a list of documents matching will appear…. “The upgrade will allow users to begin typing in a document type, and the portal will automatically provide a list of document types that fit the words being typed, similar to the way many search engines work.”

Other changes:

  • The maximum size of documents that can be filed in appellate cases will be increased from 10 megabytes to 25 megabytes
  • Information about e-service will be added to a user’s “My Filings” screen – will add an e-service list to that screen so filers can see everyone who has been electronically served with a filed document. To do that now, filers have to check the e-service page and individually check with all parties and lawyers listed on that page.
  • A new screen will be added to allow filers to better manage their e-service – one will show all cases the filer is listed for e-service and allow them to remove themselves from cases they are no longer involved in. Currently, they have to go case by case to each e-service list to remove themselves.

Another update is already in the works for April 2015 which will offer a new screen for filers, called “My Fees.” – That will show filers what fees have been paid in various cases and documents. She said lawyers are having difficulty because they get bank statements showing the amount of fees paid through the portal, but frequently without detail on which cases and clients the fees were paid for

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