Preparing to take the NALA CP?

If you already have your NALA CP and want to help others, OR, if you are preparing for or thinking about taking the NALA CP, please join our Facebook group:
NALA recently released a new book titled Certified Paralegal Exam Fundamentals to assist with preparation for the NALA CP exam.
NALA’s Certified Paralegal Exam Fundamentals book is designed to provide the examinee with 300 pages of newly developed content, covering all of the topic areas in NALA’s CP Exam. The book is written by attorneys, paralegals, and paralegal educators who share their knowledge and skills with examinees to help them study for the exam.
NALA has also prepared an addendum of revisions (including a copy of a sample complaint) available on their website. or Please make sure that you check these addendums and make any necessary changes in your book so that you have the most accurate information.
If you find something that you believe is an error in the new book and it has NOT been addressed in the addendum, please make sure you report it to NALA by emailing

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