Potential Future Upgrades to Florida’s eFiling Portal?

The agency that runs the state courts system’s statewide electronic filing portal and The Florida Bar are going to work together to find — for a price — “value added” services for lawyers.

I must confess, it’s been so long since I’ve used the e-Filing Portal that I really thought a lot of these items were already features….. Is there one (or more) that stand out that you would really like to have?


Potential future options include:

• Providing access to dockets.

• Allowing access to images in court files.

• Offering subscriptions to certain cases that may be followed, including notifications when documents are filed in those cases.

• Offering “auto-fill” capabilities for certain types of document submissions, which will speed the filing process.

• Providing a search function to find similar type cases.

• Incorporating artificial intelligence into the portal to help filers.

• Setting up a search function so a user, in the My Cases section of the portal, can enter a case name and the remaining information will automatically be entered.

• Allowing a case’s service list to be downloaded into a word processing document.

• Giving easier access to official e-service addresses for government agencies.

• Allowing direct download of court filings.

You can CLICK HERE to read the full article on the Florida Bar’s website…

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