Phone Scam – Kidnapped or Injured Family Member

Last year, the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office warned residents of a phone scam in which a caller claims to have kidnapped a family member and demands money be sent to a bank account in Puerto Rico.

You can read an article from the Orlando Sentinel by CLICKING HERE.

I am bringing this to your attention because a few days ago we received this exact same scam phone call at my home. Luckily, we had heard of the scam before and stalled the caller while we could check up on the relevant family members on the other line… if you get this type of call, keep your cool. Do NOT give them any information, instead insist they answer your questions… They kept demanding that WE answer their questions and they were clearly fishing for information to use to validate their claims. You can report the call to your local police department but make sure you call the non emergency number and not 911.