Paralegal Reminder : FRP Renewal Fees are now due (and check your CLEs)

Remember, fees are due and payable July 1, 2012. You have until August 15, 2012 before they are considered late. If you pay after August 15, 2012 you will get hit with a $40 late charge (do you really want to pay $190 instead of $150?)
If no fee is received by September 30, 2012 your Florida Registered Paralegal status will be revoked – this isn’t a joke folks. If you do not pay by September 30, 2012, don’t be surprised when your FRP number disappears from the FRP member list and you are told that you have to reapply – from scratch. If you qualified under the grandfathering clause and you allow your membership to be revoked because you slipped up and made a late payment, you are going to be in a really bad position.
Please pay your dues timely. Hopefully your firm will be paying them for you!!
ALSO – if this is the end of your reporting period, PLEASE make sure that you triple check your numbers to make sure everything is properly accounted for.

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  • Lisa Carey

    I cannot emphasize enough having your dues paid on time! Due to a ‘misunderstanding’ in our office, my dues were not paid on time last year and my membership was revoked. I had been removed from the system and I had to re-apply, as Linda said “from scratch,” w/an application fee of $150. I was eventually reinstated and retained the same bar number, but my listing now shows February 14, 2011 (reinstatement date), instead of March 31, 2008 (qualification date). A few months later the annual renewal was due and I WAS NOT COVERED by my recent application fee so an additional $150 had to be paid.

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