Palm Beach County – Changes to Administrative Orders issued November 20, 2014



Changes to the following Administrative Orders went into effect on November 20, 2014. A summary is set forth below. To obtain a copy of the Administrative Orders, please go to


  • Admin. Order 2.105 – In Re: Fifteenth Circuit Professionalism Panel. Amended.


    • References the newly amended Palm Beach County Bar Association’s Standards of Professional Courtesy.
  • Admin. Order 2.301- In Re: Paper Court Files. Amended.


    • Removed the prohibition from filing memoranda of law.
    • Please see Admin. Order 2.312 (F) – Electronic Court Files for instructions on the limitations of e-filing memoranda of law.
  • Admin. Order 2.312 – In Re: Electronic Court Files. Amended.


    • Memoranda of Law can now be filed without approval of the court. Size of file must be in accordance with technical size limitations set forth by the Florida Supreme Court and pages cannot exceed any page limitation set forth by the divisional judge in the divisional instructions.
    • Electronic courtesy copies shall not be sent to the judicial office except as provided for by the judicial officer’s divisional instructions.
    • Clerk may reject for filing any correspondence that does not have court instruction or an order to file.
    • Proposed judgments and proposed orders are NOT to be e-filed.
    • Final Disposition Forms (Civil Form 1.998 as required by Fla. R. Civ. P. 1.100(c)(3) filed prior to the conclusion of the matter will be placed into the E-Filing Portal Pending Queue and the filer will be notified that is was not accepted for filing.
    • Non Compliant Documents shall be placed in the E-Filing Portal Pending Queue and after proper notice to the filer placed in the Judicial Review Queue in accordance with the Florida Supreme Court Standards for Electronic Access to the Courts guidelines.
    • Emergency filings will be brought to the attention of the court as set forth in Paragraph M.
    • Motions regarding terms and conditions of confinement shall be sent to the detention facility as set forth in paragraph V.
  • Admin. Order 3.106 – In Re: Correcting Scrivener’s Errors in Circuit and County Civil Cases. New.


    • Allows the Clerk of Court to correct scrivener’s errors in the case caption or case number in civil court filings.
  • Admin. Order 3.602 – In Re: Residential Eviction Summons. Amended.


    • New language has been added to the Residential Eviction Summons (in English, Creole and Spanish). Word version available on the 15th Judicial Circuit’s website under “For Attorneys”.
  • Admin Order 3.607 – In Re: Emergency Hearings in County Civil Matters. New.


    • Sets forth emergency procedures in County Civil Cases.
  • Admin Order 4.101 – In Re: Administrative Procedures in the Criminal Division. Amended.


    • Clarifies that 4.101 applies to both county and circuit criminal cases.
  • Admin. Order 5.806. – In Re: Emergency Motions and Requests for Emergency Hearings in Juvenile Matters. New.


    • Sets forth emergency procedures in Juvenile Cases.
  • Admin. Order 6.104 – In Re: Emergency Hearings in Probate and Guardianship Matters. New.


    • Sets forth emergency procedures in Probate and Guardianship cases.
  • Admin. Order 3.308 – Case Management of Residential Foreclosure Cases and Mandatory Mediation Referral. Vacated.


    • Vacated in response to the Supreme Court Administrative Order 11-44.

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