ATM Reverse Pin for Safety? – FALSE

There has been an email circulating over the past few weeks that claims if you are being robbed and forced to withdraw money from an ATM, that if you enter your PIN backwards it will immediately dispatch the police for you… Not only is this completely untrue, circulating these kind of false “tips” can be dangerous. You want your friends […]

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Need to Request Records from Facebook?

Please follow this link for Facebook’s Information for Law Enforcement Authorities: These operational guidelines are for law enforcement officers seeking records from Facebook. For private party requests, including requests from civil litigants and criminal defendants, visit: Users seeking information on their own accounts can access Facebook’s “Download Your Information” feature from their Account Panel. See Please note, […]

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Electronic Discovery Rule Wizard

This great resource helps you navigate the steps of various rules: Rules 16(B) and 26(F) [Meet & Confer] Rule 26(B)(2) [Duty of Disclosure] Rule 26(B)(5) [Privilege Claims] Rule 34 [Forms of Production] Rule 37 [Safe Harbor] Join the Forum discussion on this post

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