Notice re Missing Documents e-Filed in Palm Beach County ?

This information has been brought to my attention by paralegal superstar Amy Guy out of Orlando, I don’t have a source and I don’t have further details…

Palm Beach County Courthouse has experienced technical issues resulting in approximately 100 missing documents filed on 7/1/14 – 7/2/14.

The Fund is aware of which clerk’s file numbers are missing, however the content of the documents is unknown. The county is working to obtain the missing documents. 

Until the county obtains the documents, they will not only be missing from ATIDS, but they will also be missing from the Palm Beach County Official Records Website. As we receive copies of the documents, we will add them to ATIDS immediately. 

For a complete list of the affected clerk file numbers, please e-mail If you need further assistance, Palm Beach County Official Records Department may be able to assist.

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