Notice from Florida Bar re Fraudulent or Scam Emails

A fraudulent email with the subject “Florida Bar Notification” is being distributed (see sample below) to Florida Bar members.

The email is not from The Florida Bar and it contains links to files that may open malicious software. This email should be deleted immediately and the links to the attached .pdf files should not be used as doing so may cause harm to your computer.

If you have questions about your fees or contact information, please call Membership Records at (850) 561-5832 or 800-342-8060, ext. 5832.

Members can report any suspicious email they receive to
FRAUDULENT EMAIL SAMPLE – Please note that the signer may be another member of The Florida Bar Board of Governors.

From: Florida Bar Association [mailto: members @]
Sent: Tuesday, May 31, 2016 3:09 AM
Subject: Florida Bar Notification

Dear Member:
The Florida Bar fees and payment schedule has changed. We ask that you please review the current fees and schedule so you may keep your account in good standing and verify you do not have an outstanding balance.

In addition, we will be adding a new Virtual Business Card system to so that visitors can have a better experience when searching for Attorneys.

Please review the contact information we have on file so that the most current information is a available to the public.

Please review:
Fees_and_schedule.pdf [link]
Vcard_instructions.pdf [link]

Thomas Roe Bopp
The Florida Bar

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