News from NALA re automatic one year extension for recertification requirements

One-year Certification Extension:

The automatic one-year extension to meet recertification requirements will no longer be provided to Certified Paralegals. Certified Paralegals will receive a courtesy reminder via e-mail one year prior to the expiration date. In addition, courtesy reminders will be sent via e-mail at three months, two months, and one month prior to the expiration date of the certification. A Certified Paralegal’s failure to meet the recertification requirements prior to expiration of the certification will result in revocation of the Certified Paralegal credential.

Certified Paralegals with extenuating personal challenges (which could include (i) long term unemployment, (ii) severe medical issues hampering one’s ability to work or engage in activities outside of work for a period of one year or more; or (iii) active military service or active military reserve duty) may file a hardship appeal within 60 days prior to the expiration date of the certification. 

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