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News From NALA:



The Advanced Paralegal Certification Board has released the fourth in a series of on-line advanced courses for paralegals working in family law. This course focuses on adoption and assisted reproduction. Certified Paralegals who complete this course, and all course requirements, will be awarded an Advanced Certified Paralegal credential in Adoption and Assisted Reproduction. Completion of the course will also qualify for 20 hours of CLE credit toward maintaining the Certified Paralegal credential.

Paralegals who are not certified are welcome to take and complete the course. Upon completion, a certificate of completion will be awarded, but the certification credential is only available to Certified Paralegals.

These programs are offered entirely on-line. Course material includes text, audio, slides, and tests. They are accessible 24/7.

Adoption and assisted reproduction is a developing and dynamic practice area. In the United States, starting in the 1960’s, contraception became widely available, abortion became legal, and the number of viable assisted reproduction methods increased, which led to a decrease in the number of children available for adoption. We found ourselves redefining “family” and responding by overhauling the law of this new “family.”

Course modules include:

Introduction: Legal Framework
Parent and Child
Voluntary Relinquishment and Consent to Adoption
Involuntary Termination of Parental Rights
Adoption Facilitation
Adoption Procedure
The Indian Child Welfare Act
Trending Issues in Adoption
Interstate and Intercountry Adoption
Adoption Records and Access
Assisted Reproduction

After reading about these topics and case law, you’ll perform legal research and apply it to fact patterns, thereby gaining a richer, broader understanding of the intricacies of adoption and assisted reproduction law.

The APC Certification Board has determined that an ACP designation in Family Law will be awarded to Certified Paralegals who complete all of the Family Law APC courses:

Child Support, Visitation and Child Custody
Division of Property
Adoption and Assisted Reproduction
Dissolution Case Management
Successful completion of all 4 courses will lead to a certification in Family Law. Upon completion of the individual courses, and all course requirements, qualified Certified Paralegals will receive an Advanced Paralegal Certification credential in the individual area.

For more details, click here. The course is also available in the iStore and Google Play under the Paralegal CLE app.

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