Need to verify military active duty status?

In recent years you could do the official search at no cost without having the social or date of birth. They recently changed it to require SSN or DOB. This makes sense especially if you have someone with a common name but it does make the job a little harder. If you have access to a search program such as Accurint or Autotrack, it might be cheaper to do the search the first and get the SSN or DOB, on your own – but depending on your access, those searches may only return a partial numbers.

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (find out active duty status of a service member) * Official Govt Website – no cost – requires SSN OR Date of Birth

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Centralized Verification Service (SCRACVS) (find out active duty status of a service member) – this is not the official government website, there is a cost to use this service but the SSN or DOB is not required. (Note: SCRACVS will not provide you with the SSN or DOB, their function is to verify active duty status)

SCRACVS also has a blog that is full of useful information relating to the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and active duty status, etc. You can check it out here.

Lots of companies will do these searches for you. I don’t have a relationship with any of them, so I can’t really recommend any at this point – but you can even check with your process server who may do skip traces etc probably can do this kind of search for you… I would also suggest if you do not have the DOB or SSN and you use a third party company to do this search for you, ask them to give you the information so you have it if you need it in the future. That way you won’t have to pay again.