NALA announces Digital Badges

Exciting news from NALA:
Digital badges are a new and exciting way to proudly display and share your NALA achievements online. We are partnering with Credly’s Acclaim Platform, a leader in digital badging, to bring this innovative new digital badging platform to our association. Digital badges are issued by NALA to qualifying individuals at no additional cost, and each person can earn multiple badges.
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What are the benefits of digital badges?
Allow employers to easily see the full picture of your accomplishments
A web-enabled version of your credentials that can be shared online
A trusted method for real-time credential verification
Can be showcased on social media and embedded in website or email signatures
Please note this is a completely voluntary option and you do not have to accept or use the digital badges issued to you. However, they are exceptional tools to develop your professional resume! With NALA’s new digital badges, you can now easily share your earned achievements with your peers, potential employers, educational institutions, and more.
The first six badges being launched include the following: NALA Member, NALA Honorary Member, NALA Board of Directors (2019-2020 Term), NALA Certified Paralegal, NALA Advanced Certified Paralegal, and a 2020 NALA Conference @ Home attendee badge.
If you qualify for one or more of the above-mentioned badges, be on the lookout for an upcoming email from NALA with instructions about accepting badge(s).
We are already working on additional badges to display even more NALA achievements! We hope you are as excited as we are about the new digital badges.
For more information about digital badging, please visit our website. If you need additional technical support with your badges, please visit

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