Miami Dade County Clerk e-Filing: Filing documents over 25MB

Hi everyone, I wanted to share this information which was obtained by a co-worker on August 5, 2013:

I have confirmed with the Manager of the Docket Department of the Dade County Clerk’s office that if there is a filing that is over 25MB, that it should be loaded to a CD as a single PDF and taken to the Clerk’s office for them to file.

The Manager said he will be having a conference with the staff about how to deal with large documents as the clerks were incorrectly accepting documents through the e-portal that were broken up into parts.  He said that ALL documents, including those with exhibits, should be filed through the e-portal as a single PDF of no more than 25MB.

He gave me his contact number as well as his assistant’s number should we have any questions about filing through the e-portal.

Chris Font – Manager – 305-349-7274

Assistant – Wendy – 305-349-7454