Looking for a Miami Process Server ?

Looking for a Miami Process Server ? I want to introduce you guys to National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS). They’ve been around since 1982! They have over 2,000 members covering all 50 states, the District of Columbia, seven Canadian provinces and nearly two dozen foreign countries!!!

National Association of Professional Process Servers

Even if you don’t need a Miami process server, sometimes it can be helpful to have a local contact. Perhaps you need someone go to the courthouse to retrieve some documents. Maybe you need someone to go to a doctors office to pick up confidential medical records. I use process servers frequently for things like that when records are not available online or a provider is refusing to fax them and we need them urgently.

Check them out here: http://napps.org/

You can also give their Facebook page a visit here: http://www.facebook.com/NAPPS.Professionals/

How can you benefit from a Miami Process Server ?

So, maybe you are in Lansdale, Pennsylvania and you need a Miami Process Server – or the other way around. You can check out their free search tool where you can search by city, state, zip code etc. You’ll find a great process server to take care of your process serving needs!! You get all of their details AND you can use the Secure Document Trading option to send your documents to the server. If they don’t have one in area, they’ll show you the closest one.

But now think about this… what if you need services in Canada, Bahamas, Brazil, China, Ireland or lots of other countries? Whether you need process service, records searches, skip tracing, private investigative services or more, just use their search tool to find professionals to help you. To find professionals for other countries, just select the country under the search box and leave the other fields empty.

Check them out here: http://napps.org/

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