What is Litigation Support and where can I get Litigation Support Training?

Litigation support is one of those kind of mysterious positions that confuse some people… I’m a trial paralegal, and when I think of “litigation support”, I tend to think about my amazing co-workers who provide SUPPORT to the litigation team…

Any one in a firm that provides support to the litigation folks could I guess be considered litigation support… But when the pros are talking about “litigation support” they really mean something completely different…. rather than try to explain it all, I am going to refer you to the Guru of Litigation Support, Amy Bowser-Rollins. Amy has over 30 years of experience in the legal field and is a mentor, instructor, speaker and a podcaster… she is also a blogger and you can find her blog right here: http://litigationsupportguru.com/. You can learn all about her on her blog, but to kind of sum it up, if I needed advice about litigation support or get litigation support training, Amy is the person I would turn to.

Amy has a series of posts discussing more specifically what is involved in “litigation support”, you can find that particular set of posts here: http://litigationsupportguru.com/series/whatislitigationsupport



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