E-Filing Tutorials

Florida (links updated 2/1/2021)

Florida Portal e-Filing and e-Service Video Tutorials

Florida Portal e-Filing and e-Service Written Materials and User Manuals


PACER (Nationwide) (links updated 2/1/2021)

PACER Administrative Account Basics

PACER Administrative Account User Manual

PACER Case Locator User Manual

PACER Demonstration Site

PACER User Manual

Upgrading Your PACER Account

Using the PACER Account Maintenance Tab

Electronic Bankuptcy Noticing

Nature of Suit Codes

Electronic Public Access Fee Schedule

Refund Request Form

Credit Request Form 


CM/ECF (Nationwide)(links updated 2/1/2021)

About CM/ECF



What is CM/ECF?

What does CM/ECF provide for attorneys and the public?

Is CM/ECF currently available?

What hardware and software are needed to file documents in CM/ECF systems?

Who may file documents on CM/ECF systems?

Who may view documents on CM/ECF systems?

Do documents that will be filed on CM/ECF systems need to be in a particular format?

Are there fees associated with CM/ECF?

How will users learn how to file documents in CM/ECF systems?

Are there procedural rules relating to electronic filing?

Are documents filed in CM/ECF secure?

Activating CJA Privileges

CJA Exempt Status Instructions

CJA Navigation Between Courts

File a motion in Appellate NextGen CM/ECF

Introduction to Appellate NextGen CM/ECF

Linking Your Appellate CM/ECF Account

Linking Your District or Bankruptcy Court CM/ECF Account

Requesting Attorney Admissions


Bankruptcy Court V3:

Bankruptcy Court V4:



Bankruptcy Court V5:




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