Lexis+ Tip of the Week: Legal Topic Summaries


How do I find information on a particular topic?

Where do I start with topical research?

LEXIS+ TIP:  Topic Summary Reports give you a jump start on your research by providing a fantastic overview – all in one place! Topic Summaries provide the legal definition as defined by the court, the seminal cases for that topic, the elements to maintain the action, pertinent secondary sources, the burden of proof that must be established for a conviction and the standard of review for an appeal

LEARN IT [short video]:   https://youtu.be/-ZHOjlUzTpA

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE:  According to the Legal Topic Summaries on Lexis, what are the elements of federal aggravated murder?


  1. From the search box on Lexis type “legal topic summaries” and click on the source from the word wheel
  2. Search “aggravated murder” from the advanced search page to search all topic summaries
  3. Select the legal topic summary titled Aggravated Murder from the results list
  4. OR- Go directly there:  https://plus.lexis.com/api/permalink/e292e58a-eb40-4f50-b3f3-1ddeb063367d/?context=1530671
  5. Scroll down to the elements section


ANSWER:  Felony, act, intent to kill

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