Lexis+ Tip of the Week: Legal Issue Trail


How do I quickly find more cases on a specific legal issue?

LEXIS+ TIP:  Find more authority quickly with a one-click case finder.  Acting as a companion to Shepard’s, Legal Issue Trail highlights very specific legal issues in your full-text case and finds additional cases that reference your selected issue – with just one click.

LEARN IT [short video]:   https://youtu.be/ECZfJ8NPJac

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE:  How many cases have discussed the Sullivan v. NFL, 34 F.3d 1091 argument that football clubs must cooperate to make the NFL league successful, but may also compete, on and off the field?


  1. Retrieve 34 F3d 1091
  2. OR- Go directly there:  https://plus.lexis.com/api/permalink/1db544d3-4506-4570-b733-4055252efd05/?context=1530671
  3. Under Legal Issue Trail on the right-hand side, Click to “Activate Passages”;
  4. Scroll down to “1. No Competition Subject to Injury as Matter of Law”;
  5. Click on the first paragraph that’s in a purple box (be sure not to click on hyperlinks within the paragraph);
  6. Scroll to the section- “The following cases cited Sullivan v NFL, 34 F3d 1091 for this issue”

How many citations?

ANSWER:  1   [Sterling v. NBA, 2016 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 38076]

Let me know if you have any questions!

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