Lexis+ Tip of the Week: Get a Doc Assistance

LEXIS+ TIP:  Let’s say you are trying to retrieve a law journal article but you aren’t sure how to abbreviate the journal publication. Or you want to retrieve a case discussed in class, but instead of a citation you only have the party names. Find the right citation format fast with Get a Doc Assistance on Lexis+.

LEARN IT [short video]:  https://youtu.be/CU8udgIQoVM

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Using Lexis Get a Doc Assistance, what is the title of the article found at Volume 55 American Criminal Law Review page 409?


  1. Access Get a Doc Assistance from the Tools tab on the Explore pod
  2. Select “Law Reviews and Journals” from the Content Type drop-down menu
  3. Select American Criminal Law Review from the list of sources
  4. Enter the volume and page number in the fill-in blanks. Then, click Get Document
  5. OR- Go directly there: http://bit.ly/2Yd8bjB

ANSWER:  The Heat of Passion and Blameworthy Reasons to be Angry

Let me know if you have any questions!

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