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How do I create hyperlinks for my citations?

How do I make sure my citations are in the right format?

LEXIS+ TIP:  You need to use the correct citation format for every authority you cite in your class assignments or submissions to a court.  With ‘Copy Citation’ on Lexis, you can make sure “the cite is right” each and every time! Copy Citation allows you to choose the Standard citation format (which aligns with the rules in The Bluebook® for practitioners), ALWD, or a state-specific style manual.

LEARN IT [short video]:   https://youtu.be/XAWCcs7H5Qc

TEST YOUR KNOWLEDGE:  You are beginning your research for a seminar paper and come across a case that you want to get into your notes. Using Copy Citation on Lexis and selecting the Standard citation format which aligns with the rules of the Bluebook, copy and paste the citation for 418 U.S. 683 below.


1.       Click “Copy Citation” below the case name in 418 US 683

2.       OR- Go directly there:  https://plus.lexis.com/api/permalink/a4af63e5-3a14-4b01-acc8-16a64ff168ea/?context=1530671

3.       Select “Standard” from the Citation Format drop-down box to comply with The Bluebook rules.

4.       Hit “Apply”

5.       Use your browser’s copy & paste tools (or the Copy & Close button) to copy the citation to your clipboard

Note that for your notes, it may be helpful to also select the option to include the citation as a hyperlink that would jump you right back to the case on Lexis+.

Let me know if you have any questions!


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