Kennedy and Shields write LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers

Attorneys Dennis Kennedy and Allison Shields have a new book coming out about LinkedIn. There is an article about it in the Daily Business Review which you can read HERE. The book offers tips and tricks to mastering your LinkedIn profile.

While this book was written for attorneys, this kind of branding works just as well for paralegals and other job hunters. LinkedIn has brought me numerous opportunities and I think it is one of the most important items in your bag of tricks if you are job hunting or simply looking to network for any reason.  Feel free to Connect with me on LinkedIn, you can visit my profile HERE.

The list price of the book is $34.95, but it is available on Amazon for 25% off or $26.14 (as of the time of the writing of this post). You can pre-order the book by clicking here: LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers (with Amazon’s price guarantee, if the price drops before the book is released, you pay the lowest price).

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