From IPE: Tools of the Trade – 10 Technical Tips from Candy Ryan, CRP, BA

10 Technical Tips
guest author: Candy J. Ryan, CRP, BA

  1. View Hidden formatting codes in Microsoft Word – use the show/hide feature on the tool ribbon located in the Paragraph section and select the icon in the upper right hand corner the paragraph symbol (¶) it will show you the formatting within your document. To go further with this you can get deeper into the formatting by using the Reveal Formatting feature: Shift + F1, a pane opens on right hand side which corresponds to your location in document, this pane shows font, spacing and paragraph formatting and sections formatting, margins, header footers, etc. You can select different sections to show the paragraph formatting. This feature shows you all formatting added to the document, if you are having a problem figuring out why a document is doing something this feature may help you out.

Here are a few Google Legal Research search tips:

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