Introducing our new Career and Resume Center

Introducing the new Career and Resume Center

Hi everyone, I’m really excited to announce the opening of a new and upgraded Career and Resume Center. If you want everything to stay the same, do nothing. Jobs in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties will continue to be posted on Linda’s Paralegal Resources and distributed the usual way. (Remember, if you don’t want to receive job postings, you can always update your subscription to the “job free” edition)

Applying for a Job or Saving a Job for Later Viewing

New job postings will now have a link at the bottom which says “Learn More or Apply Online”.  If you click that link, a box will pop up with more information about the employer or recruiter and some additional options (you may need to scroll down).  You now have the option to “Apply for this Job” or “Get a Reminder”.

While the job post itself will have information on applying for the job, you can also apply directly from the job post if the company has provided an e-mail address. If you choose “Apply for this Job”, a window will appear which will allow you to enter your name, e-mail address, a message, and attach files such as a cover letter or resume. If you have already created a resume in our new Resume Center, you can apply using that resume.

If you choose “Get a reminder in your inbox” you can add your email address along with a note, and you’ll get an e-mail with a link to the job posting.

Create your Resume

You now have the option to create a professional account and set up your resume in our career center. Please keep in mind that resumes are not completely private, they are available to other users who login.  If you have a resume set up in our system, you can use that resume when applying for a position. (To create a resume, click Resume icon in the menu bar and then “Create a Resume”)

Visiting the Career Center

You can visit the career center directly by going to (that’s it, no  .com). On the front page you will see a map showing you where jobs are located (keep in mind this is approximate, some jobs don’t include a street address only a city/state or zip), and under that you will see jobs by newest to oldest. On the right side, you can filter by job title (paralegal, legal secretary, etc) or job type (full time, part time, etc.) (If there is no jobs in a category, the category will be hidden). Also at the top of the page you can search by keyword or location.  You can also click on Companies to see jobs by company name, or resumes to visit the Resume Center.

Job Locations

Job postings in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties will continue to be posted on Linda’s Paralegal Resources ( However, the Career Center website may have jobs from other areas.

Posting a Job

Job postings are currently free for employers – if your firm has a job opening available, please contact me at for assistance posting it.

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