Important Florida Registered Paralegal (FRP) Updates from Florida Bar

Important Updates to Chapter 20

The following changes will become effective on March 5th:

RULE 20-3.1 REQUIREMENTS FOR REGISTRATION Creates new subdivision (a)(6), which expands the registration requirement for lawyers licensed in other states to lawyers who are licensed and members in good standing in other states can be registered paralegals without meeting the minimum paralegal work experience requirement.

RULE 20-5.2 DUTY TO UPDATE Adds notification by The Florida Bar to employing or supervising lawyer of any changes to a Florida Registered Paralegal’s registration status.

RULE 20-6.1 GENERALLY Increases continuing education requirement from 30 to 33 hours within a 3-year cycle and adds that 3 of the 33 hours must be in technology to match the lawyers’ new technology CE requirement.

**Please note this change will apply to your NEXT CE cycle. For example, if your CE cycle ends January 28, 2020, then you will be required to complete the 33 hour requirement during your next cycle from January 29, 2020 to January 28, 2023.**

RULE 20-8.3 COMPLAINT PROCESSING Within subdivision (e), adds the requirement for Florida Registered Paralegals to notify their supervising lawyer if a complaint has been filed against them.

RULE 20-8.6 DISPOSITION OF COMPLAINTS Within subdivision (g), adds “letter of advice.”

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