Important Changes to Odyssey Case Manager System – Miami Dade Clerk of Court

The Miami-Dade Clerk of Court has implemented the Odyssey Case Manager system, which will allow attorneys of record to view all filed court documents in their cases online.

This information is for the Miami Dade Clerk but I’m copying our other local offices because they may have cases in Miami-Dade County.

To gain access to the system, each attorney must complete this registration form. The form must be notarized and submitted on paper.

If your attorney already has access to Odyssey Family/Probate please see FAQ #6 below.

An introductory video explaining more about the system can be found here or watch below, and FAQs can be found here or see below.

  1. What is Odyssey?

Odyssey is a case maintenance/management system of record developed by Tyler Technologies, Inc. and implemented in partnership between Tyler Technologies Inc., the 11th Judicial Circuit Court and the Clerk of Courts of Miami-Dade County. The system provides electronic court records and document management through the use of workflows, queues and tasks.

  1. When are changes coming?

Monday, March 2, 2015.

  1. What’s new or different?

Odyssey is a fully integrated system which allows:

  • Documents filed through the Florida Courts eFiling Portal (ePortal) to flow seamlessly into Odyssey;
  • The Clerk’s Office to maintain cases and electronic court documents using refined business processes, workflows, queues and tasks;
  • The 11th Judicial Circuit Court to manage cases, calendars and hearings;
  • Attorney of record online access to Civil case information and document images through the Internet.
  1. What’s new or different, effective March 2, 2015?

In order to view case information from Odyssey via the Internet, each Attorney must register for access. Attorneys who register for access prior to March 2 will be able to view court document images for which they are “Attorney of Record”.

  1. How do I register for the first time?

The Attorney Odyssey Online Access Request form is available from the Clerk of Courts’ website (or click this registration form)

Forms must be completed and notarized before mailing to the Clerk of Courts for processing. Forms will be processed in the order in which they are received. An email with the access account details will be sent to the registered email address of the requestor once processing is completed.

  1. What happens if I’m already registered for Odyssey Family or Probate?

Attorneys who already have access to Family or Probate cases will have access to Civil case information and document images for those cases for which they are “Attorney of Record” immediately upon our implementation on March 2.

However, in accordance with the provisions and timeline of AOSC 14-19, in the near future attorneys who already have access to Family or Probate cases must resubmit an Attorney Odyssey Online Access Request form that has been notarized. More details will be forthcoming.

  1. Which images will I see?

The “Attorney of Record” will see all Civil case details and the latest version of the court document images, except for those marked as “Confidential”. All Civil court documents are systematically redacted in accordance with State statutes. “Attorneys of Record” may see redacted document images if they are the latest versions on the case.

Other attorneys (who are NOT “Attorneys of Record”) will see the Register of Actions for Civil cases (and no document images) for Civil cases. NOTE: Courthouse kiosks are available for attorneys’ (who are NOT “Attorneys of Record”) requests.

  1. How do I request “Attorney of Record” update on a case?

“Attorney of Record” on a case is updated (within 1 – 2 days) based on the filing of certain pleadings. These pleading types include: Notice of Appearance, Petition, Complaint, Answer, and others.

If you have filed a pleading indicating that you are an attorney of record on a case; but do not appear as an attorney of record; Click HERE to provide the information needed to request an update to the case.

If you have not filed one of these pleading types; you will need to file a Notice of Appearance in order to appear as an Attorney of Record.

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