How are travel expense reimbursements handled at your firm?

I am looking for information on how your firm handles reimbursement to attorneys for travel expenses such as gas, tolls and mileage.  How much is reimbursed, does your firm use a flat fee, etc… Please respond by email to or by commenting on this post. Looking for the current “trend” in Florida. Also when responding if you could let me know the size of the firm that would be really helpful. I know smaller firms may be more flexible whereas larger firms may have rules written in stone… Thanks everyone!!


  • 12-14 attorneys – we reimburse for mileage @ $.52 p/mile from our office to any destination they have to travel to (i.e., satellite offices, court, client meetings, etc.) and all actual expenses. I require them to provide me with actual receipts for parking and any other expenses. If they need to fly, we pay all expenses in advance via credit card other than their meals and taxi.

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    Thank you Suzanne!

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