FRPs – Don’t Forget Your Annual Florida Bar Dues!

Just a reminder that annual dues are ready to be paid. You must renew before August 15, 2013 to avoid a late fee. If you’ve sent your payment or if your employer is paying on your behalf, please make sure to confirm that your payment has been received and applied. You can do this by going to The Florida Bar’s Website and clicking on “Pay Annual Fees Online” … you will be prompted to login. If your dues have not been paid yet, you will be given that information and prompted to pay. If they have been paid, it will tell you “Our records show that you have already paid your 2013 – 2014 fees.

Even if your employer is paying, PLEASE make sure you double check that it has been paid. Your membership can be cancelled for failure to pay and The Florida Bar isn’t going to track you down to collect the money before they cancel your FRP. Once cancelled, getting it back is a major mission and may require you to reapply, which could be a huge problem if you got in under the grandfathering clause which no longer exists.

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