FRPs: Do you know when your reporting period ends?

If you aren’t sure when your CLE reporting period ends, you can find the answer on the Florida Bar’s website:

Log in to your account at Once you login, click on “CLE” in the top right corner. Then click on “Your CLE Records” and then “Check your CLE credit history”. Once on this page, you can post credits, see your credit history, or you can click on “FRP CE Current Cycle”. This page will show you the current CLE for your reporting cycle and will also show you your CE Cycle Date. For example, mine says “CE Cycle Date: July 31, 2011 through July 31, 2014″ – so, my deadline is July 31, 2004.

If you have any questions, you can try here: Common Questions about CLE and Posting Credits – OR, leave a comment below and maybe I can help!

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