FRP NEWS! Rule Changes Effective June 1, 2014 to Florida Bar FRP Program

I just received the following information via an e-mail from the Florida Bar…

The following changes to the Florida Registered Paralegal Program go into effect June 1st:

  • Rule 20-3.1(c), Grandfathering Reapplication.

A paralegal who was registered under the grandfathering provision on or prior to March 1, 2011, who resigns or whose registration is revoked may reapply based on work experience alone.

  • Rule 20-4.1(f), Installment Payment of Renewal Fee.

If an FRP is employed by  a federal, state or local government, the FRP may elect to pay their annual renewal fee in 3 equal installments.  The FRP’s notice of election to pay the renewal fee in installments and the first installment payment must be postmarked no later than August 15th.  The second and third installment payments must be postmarked no later than November 1st and February 1st, respectively.  Second and third installment payments postmarked after their respective due date(s) are subject to a one-time late fee of $50.00 per fiscal year, which shall accompany the final payment.  Failure to pay renewal fees and any late charges will result in the FRP’s status being revoked.

  • Rule 20-4.1(g), Renewal Fee Exemption for Activated Reserve Members of the Armed Services.

FRP’s engaged in reserve military service in the Armed Forces of the United States who are called to active duty for 30 days or more during the Bar’s fiscal year are exempt from the payment of the annual renewal fee required under this rule.  Armed Forces of the United States include the U.S. Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, as well as Army National Guard, Army Reserve, Navy Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, the Air National Guard, the Air Force Reserve, and the Coast Guard Reserve.  Requests for an exemption must be made within 15 days before the date renewal fees are due each year or within 15 days of activation of duty of a reserve member.  To the extent the renewal fee was paid despite qualifying for this exemption, such renewal fee will be reimbursed by The Florida Bar within 30 days of receipt of a FRP’s request for exemption.  Within 30 days of leaving active duty status, the FRP must report to The Florida Bar that he or she is no longer on active duty status in the United States Armed Forces.

  • Rule 20-6.1, Continuing Education-Generally.

If an FRP resigns or has had his or her status revoked, to be eligible for re-registration, the FRP must complete at least 10 hours of CE for each year the FRP was previously registered.  The CE hours must be completed prior to the re-registration application and be posted on The Florida Bar’s website within 30 days of the effective date of the re-registration, otherwise the new registration will be revoked and ineffective.  Upon re-registration, the FRP will be given a new 3 year continuing education cycle.

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