From NNA: When To Say ‘No’ … And When Refusing A Notarization Is Not Allowed

Most notarization requests are straight forward and within the law. But every so often you may be asked to do something that does not seem quite right. There might be an issue with the signer or the document.

While you should comply with any lawful notarization request, knowing when you can — and cannot — say no can be tricky.

When To Refuse A Notarization

Many states have specific laws or regulations, often published by the Secretary of State’s office or other Notary commissioning agency, which explain when a Notary is required to refuse service. You can generally refer to your state’s Notary website, Notary handbook, or the NNA’s Notary primer for the requirements you need to follow

Click HERE to read the full article and learn about some of the main reasons you might be required to refuse a notarization. Keep in mind that not all apply to Notaries in every state.

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