From NNA: Tips to get started as a remote online Notary

Remote online notarization (RON) used to seem like a thing of the future, but the specialized technical service is growing in demand — especially in the current COVID-19 crisis — and Notaries have an opportunity to get started at a time when offering remote services will set them apart from the competition, according to Dushunna F. Scott, who has worked as a remote Notary since 2016.

Scott, owner of Lady Scott Enterprises in Richmond, Virginia, explained in an NNA 2020 Online presentation that even before the coronavirus brought about “safe at home” orders and social distancing, demand for RON services was increasing rapidly. In 2016, she took 207 assignments; in 2019, she took 899, and 2020 is looking even busier.

Notaries who have up-to-date commissions and are in good standing can become remote Notaries, but there are some additional requirements (depending on your state) that must be fulfilled, and Notaries should consider whether they’re equipped to handle the software and other technical requirements before they take the plunge.

Scott outlined the basic steps to becoming a successful remote online Notary. They include:

  • Remote online notarization basics and credentials.
  • The equipment and technology you’ll need.
  • The skills you’ll need.
  • Legal considerations.

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