From NNA: Privacy Issues And Collecting Signer Thumbprints

The National Notary Association has a great article in their most recent newsletter talking about privacy issues and collecting signer thumbprints.

Did you know that California passed a law in 1996 requiring notaries to obtain journal thumbprints for signers of certain documents; and many Notaries nationwide continue to record signer thumbprints in their official notarial journal.

Currently, two states require the practice of collecting signer thumbprints. California law requires a journal thumbprint record for all documents affecting real property, as well as all powers of attorney.

In Illinois, Notaries are required to complete a notarial record and take a thumbprint impression of signers when notarizing all “documents of conveyance” transferring title to residential real estate property located within Cook County, Illinois.

So, they aren’t required in Florida, but are you doing it? Should you be doing it? Check out this article for more information: Privacy Issues And Collecting Signer Thumbprints

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