From NNA: Data Security for Notaries on the Go

Protecting the confidential information of signers and others you do business with is becoming one of your more important responsibilities. With cybercriminals siphoning off $400 billion a year, according to some estimates, that means doing more than just locking up your Notary journal and stamp, and making sure your client’s documents don’t get stolen.

Whether you work in an office or retail setting, or make a living as a mobile Notary, computers, tablets and smartphones are a fact of life. To help keep the sensitive information you store on your devices safe, the Notary Bulletin reached out to several data security experts for their best advice.

Sound data security starts with three essential questions, says Michael Kaiser, Executive Director of the National Cyber Security Alliance, a nonprofit that educates computer users on how to stay safe.

  • What data do I have?
  • Where is it located on my various technology devices and elsewhere?
  • What am I doing to protect it, and is it enough?

“The first element of cyber security is identifying the critical information you have that needs to be protected,” Kaiser says.

Then you can take appropriate steps to protect that sensitive consumer information.

Click HERE to learn what steps you need to take to protect yourself and your data.

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