From IPE: Top Ten Tips for Reviewing Surveys

Top Ten Tips for Reviewing Surveys
guest author: Stacie L. Gollata 
  1. Purchase Agreement/Lender Requirements. First, you will want to check to see if the form of the Survey meets the requirements of the purchase agreement, if any, and any lender/loan document requirements. (i.e., is it an ALTA/NSPS survey and does it include the requested Table A items?).
  1. Legal Description. Next, you should review the legal description on the Survey and confirm that it conforms to the legal description in the title commitment and in the purchase agreement/vesting deed. If it is a metes and bounds legal description, you should attempt to track each of the calls in the description to the calls on the Survey and note any discrepancies to bring to the attention of the client and/or your supervising attorney. If it is a platted legal description, make sure the plat, lot and block names and numbers are accurate and match the title documents. You may also want to review the survey alongside the recorded plat to see if you can see any discrepancies between the two.

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